The Weight Loss Expert Guide was started to help people change their body shape, the natural and sustainable way. Inspired by the effectiveness of the bodies own cabability to burn fat instead of glycosis (sugar), in a high protein, low starch diet for weight loss. With the right combination of natural foods we help people to make the transition from fat gain, to fat burn, as easy and as sustainable as possible. We empathize with every person who struggles with their weight. It is a huge challenge  changing your life time eating hapits. Our vision is to deliver real long term change to all our clients. And we will deliver this using a multiple approach that results in your overall health improvement. This includes: – Metabolic change – Changing eating habits – Exercising – Sleep and rest – and much more

Weight Loss Expert Guide Lise Gottlieb

Weight Loss Expert Guide Lise Gottlieb

Lise Gottlieb  not only lost 20 pounds in 10 weeks herself, she has coached overweight men and woman to successfully achieve their goal of stable and sustainable weight loss. Based on her years of experience working with different diets and analyzing their effectiveness, Lisa has written “Weight Loss Secrets for Busy Women – How to Lose Body Fat Fast and get at Slim and Sexy Body, Without feeling Tired, Exhausted or Unhappy”. What is most important is that  this approach to weight management makes changes happen in a natural and healthy way, so that you stay strong and fit, energetic and happy. Most diets that promise fast and easy weight loss result in loss of huge amounts of water and muscle tissue. That is absolutely the wrong way to achieve a lasting, healthy weight loss. That is nothing more than a “yo yo diets” where the pounds bounce back just as rapidly as they were lost – often with extra pounds added!!! Lise Gottlieb does not consider these types of diets useful, healthy or successful. Many  women who dream of losing weight and having the figure they always dreamed of are  frustrated over and over again. They follow a restrictive unpleasant diet with not permanent result. Lise says, “after I discovered the secret that helped me lose weight it become an obsession for me to spread the message and help other women to reach their weight loss goals, using a fast and easy way they never dared dream about. A way that is completely natural, without surgery, and without suplements.

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