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Coaching Member Questions

Are there any ongoing fees for Coaching Members?

Answer: Yes. Coaching has a monthly fee, depending of your category of membership: Silver, Gold, Platinum or Diamond

What is the difference between a Silver and a Diamond Membership?

Answer: A Diamond member get personal coaching by phone. Silver, Gold and Platinum Mebmers get personal coaching by email. The number of interactions between member and coach varies in the 4 different memberships, please take a look into the describtion and specifications of the memberships.

Can I easily get access to my downloads?

Answer: Yes. In the Members area you have access to direct download of eBooks, Reports and articles from Members Libary.

What payment and Cards can I use?

Answer: You can pay with: PayPal, and all common international creditcards

Can I upgrade from a Silver to a higher Coaching Membership level?

Answer: Yes, you can always upgrade to a higher level from the next coming month. Any downgrad has to be noticed with 3 month warning.

How can I contact my coach?

Answer: When you sign up for Coaching Membership, you will get a Welcome mail. In that mail you also get the access link to our Members Area, where you can contact your Coach.

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