Sleep Naked and Lose Weight

sleeping naked5 good reasons to sleep naked!

First of all – it is dead-sexy to sleep naked, but it has various other benefits too.

You will sleep better

When you sleep your body temp goes down a little and to lose weight it is necessary, but too much clothes will prevent this natural cooling, this will result in choppy and interrupted sleep!

You will look younger

If you body temp is too warm when you sleep, your body will produce less melatonin and the hormone is important for keeping your skin and your hair healthy and young. This way you not only will look younger but also will lose weight.

You lose Weight and belly fat

When you sleep naked your sleep will typically be more heavy which reduces your body’s stress hormones. If your sleep is disrupted, which it does if your bodytemp is too warm, you will get too much stress hormone in the body, giving you a desire for unhealthy food.

You get more and better sex

Naked nights are good for the relationship. When you sleep skin to skin, you are producing more oxytocin, the hormone that enhances the bond between you, and that makes you want more sex which makes the chances of getting an orgasm much better, in turn, helps you to lose weight.

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